May 2, 2010

Sand on the Beach

This is the beach inspired cake that I did for a birthday party. It took long hours but It was worth it. The flowers are edible but the seashells are not. This cake is a yellow-butter cake with a chocolate buttercream filling and white buttercream frosting. I had also made cupcakes that went along with this. It seemed to be a big hit at the party. and I am very proud of it.


  1. I wish you could make me a red velvet kidney cake! haha Then I could cut it apart like they are going to cute mine apart on Thursday!

  2. this is my favsorite ;) You did such a great job and it was for sure a big hit! thanks again!! you are the best!

  3. Hey Vanessa,

    Can you email me your phone number so I can talk to you about a cake for Laura's baby shower? She wants a surfer girl cake on May 19th. I will call you and we can make arrangements and you can tell me your prices.
    Also, I need your mom's, yours, and Cinde's email addresses to send you guys an invite.

    Amber Hansen