March 29, 2010


My friend from Chick-fil-A was having her birthday and since I am incharge of them, I made her favorite... Cheesecake. But with a little twist. I sugarized Pecans and drizzled chocolate and carmel over the top. It was a big success. Funny Story:
I put this in the fridge at work so when my friend Alycia got off the clock, she could enjoy my present to her. But unfortuantely people go in and out of that freezer grabbing different things that we need for the store. One girl was reaching for a box and accidently dropped the cake. good thing she caught it... upside down with her hand. There ended up being a hand print in the middle of this dessert. When Alycia got home, she said she scrapped as much of it off as she could. luckily there was still some left for her to eat. She liked it. I wish i would have gotten a picture of the hand print. That would have been classic.

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  1. Please make this one for me....Does this have nuts?? Yum that looks great. Hope that school is going good.