February 28, 2010

mmm... CUPCAKES!

Well first off I wanted to say Farewell to my friend Lianna who is going on a mission for the LDS church. You will do great my friend. See you in a year and a half! I love you :)

These Cupcakes were for her. She wanted me to make her cake, and since she cant eat cake, I put a load of frosting on top. It was a lot of fun making these and very easy. Everything is edible on these. The flowers are made out of gumpaste which is just tons of sugar. They were a big hit! Definately one of my favorite editions to my blog.

Starting tomorrow and every monday, I am taking a cake decorating class so hopefully everyone will be able to see my progression on the things I actually learn how to make, not just make them up myself. haha


  1. Well, good luck to her on her mission. And those look delish! Very well done with there appearance. Good luck to you with taking a class to do what you like.

  2. Oh those look amazing!!! I can't wait to see what you make next!!! YAY!