April 19, 2010


Royal Buttercream! We have a love/hate relationship. Its fun to use, when it corroporates. haha I was the last one to finish in my class this week. The royal icing was too soft and it get ripping. But when I finally got it on my cake, I had about 20 minutes to decorate. So its not my best by far but I like it still. My tiger kind of looks like a bear, but I like him. haha

Fed Ex Guy

This was interesting. My co-worker Jamie's birthday was coming up and I wanted to do something very special for her. There is this big joke at work that she flirts with our Fed Ex guy everytime he comes into our store. (He flirts with her too though) She gets super excited everytime she even just sees his truck. So I knew I had to do this cake. The Fed Ex Guy (is what i call him) He has a mohawk and is good-looking. I thought I did his face really well. I had SOOO many problems with this cake. I was in the middle of doing it, and one of my brothers friends came up and ate part of the wheel. I was really mad because I didnt have much more supplies to fix the wheel. So the truck started to fall. It wasnt the most sturdy cake, but she absolutely loved it! I wish I would have taken a picture of her surprised face. It was priceless.


Last week in my cake decorating class we made a substance called marzipan. It tastes like almonds. I really liked it a lot. Its fun to mold different things with it too. I made a frog, watermelon, grapes, peas in a pod, apple, banana, and other things. I only had enough to make 3 different colors, so for example, the banana was purple.
I really loved my watermelon. I mixed the pink and green together to make a marble texture. It was pretty cool.